CP-Log is the European Leader in manufacturing Eoff monitoring systems for Cathodic Protection Survey.

- OFF measurements, carried out in good conditions, ensures a very minimum error of corrosion potential measurement. Pipelines survey becomes reliable and simple to operate.
  - OFF measurement is initiated by current switching of a Pipe/Sample connection, immediately followed by a EOFF potential (sample/ref. electrode) measurement. Result is a R x I "drop-free" potential measurement. Remember that EON is affected by any protection & stray current in the soil.
  - EOFF is a very good approach to evaluate the true or real value of the reference electrode potential of a sample, this last allowing to study a virtual default on the Pipeline. 
CP-log has gained more than 20 years experience in Eoff measurement method using a buried metalllic sample. The actual ramlog correal generation IV is the result of a long term evolution of the product providing an upmost solution in every condition.
High quality , similar to laboratory measurements, are made possible through the design of an original CORREAL interface.
CP-log also developped an expert system for C.P. survey in presence of strong AC influences/stray currents on the field. Potential depolarization profile of the sample is recorded. Statistical processing of data leads to a corrosion diagnostic. This original CP-Log method is easy, fast to operate and accurate. This method is still under evaluation and validation on the field.
What are the advantages of the CORREAL EOFF measurement on a buried metallic sample?
What is specific to the CORREAL system that you will not find in any other product ?
CP-Log ?
is concerned by development, manufacturing and after sales (repair & calibration) operations.
Service is our most important product and delays are reduced to the minimum.

- CORREAL GIV system has been designed from more than 20 years "return from the field" experience,
  - Following features are specific to the CORREAL : galvanic insulation between measurement inputs, two-level switching operation to avoid contact bounce, input impedance > 100 Mohm for a very sensitive measurement, build-in "zero resistance" ammeter (no voltage drop) for an accurate current measurement, very easy and fast operation : high contrast OLED display and IP67 enclosure help to whistand the worst field conditions.
   - Today, about 1500 CORREAL systems are continuously running on the field. Most of the 20-years aged CORREAL are still working perfectly, electronic and software remain compatible to ensure operation continuity despite unpredictable technical world evolution.
1. Metallic sample and reference electrode are  placed at vicinity of the PIPE. The sample is left connected to the pipe outside measurements periods. During measurement, a reference electrode is placed on the soil or near the sample (cost-effective solution to equip hundreds of measurement points)
3. The CORREAL recorder initiates periodic switching of the pipe/sample connection. A immediate (R=0) shift preceeds a (long) depolarisation profile. Begin of Eoff  measurement occurs 1 to 5 ms after switching, measurement itself lasts 1ms to 40ms upon experience.
4. DATA can be displayed on the OLED high contrast display, evolution of the parameters can be displayed on the screen of a PC. Measurements can be exported for future processing when AC analysis is requested.
2. The CORREAL recorder typically initiates a one-second ON-OFF cycle, recording the Eon, Eoff, (I sample) during 24 hours or more. Instant measurements can be displayed. Short duration measurements (few minutes) can be also carried out with the Point to Point mode for a fast suvey of the Pipe.
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