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                    Ramlog Cathodic Protection recorders :

The Ramlog CORREAL & EI9000 recorders were specifically designed for portable Cathodic Protection survey.

-  The Ramlog CORREAL is featured for measurement of Eoff potential on a burried
    metallic sample
: measurement of Eoff, Eon, I (sample) and  Eaux high potential input,

-   The Ramlog EI9000 is a 4 of DC and 2 of AC independant channels (100mV to +-200V) for
    Cathodic Protection Eon potential(s) survey.

CP-Log is the European leader in manufacturing Eoff monitoring systems for Cathodic Protection Survey.

               ÁLOG Miniature & Specialized recorders :

ÁLog recorders were designed for special recording applications. Basic common features are :

Miniature design,
       Cost effective,
       Long life battery powered,
       Very simple to use.

Available Products (OEM) :

      VL100       8 analog process inputs (0 - 1V, 0 - 20mA, ...)

      CL203       3 clamp probes AC current inputs (1A AC, 5A AC, 1V AC)

      DL400C     8 pulse counting inputs

      DL400E      8 digital event (digital transition) inputs

      FL600        1 analog process input + 1 pulse counting input + 1 temperature

      FL600CP   1 cathodic protection Eon potential